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Your Yard Revolution Awaits

We’ve built a custom plan to address your specific lawn goals and challenges. Here’s everything you need to make yard care effortless — reducing water use and increasing grass health and lifespan. Next, we’ll deliver everything you need to your door in one easy shipment.

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Add an optional Waterproof enclosure for $29.99Needed for sprinkler controllers located outdoors.

Connect with a Rachio Pro for installation assistance (optional)

Rachio 3 Smart Controller (8 zone)


1 year Thrive Kit and tools0 applications provided, enough for your lawn size.


Best-in-class support

Smart Sprinkler Controller

Rachio Controller

Rachio 3 (none Zone)

The Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller makes smart watering delightful with foolproof installation, automatic irrigation schedules that save water, and smart home integrations and dual-band Wi-Fi for easy connectivity. Rachio 3 is equipped with premium Weather Intelligence™ Plus and is compatible with Rachio Thrive.

We've determined this is the controller best for your needs.

Easy, worry-free installation and instructions.

Hyperlocal Weather Intelligence™ Plus automatically updates watering schedules to the weather forecast.

Monitor and manage watering from anywhere with the Rachio app.

Dual band Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz / 5 GHz) sprinkler controller.

Control your watering with smart home platforms like Apple HomeKit™, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Increase Healthy Lawn Growth

Natural Fertilizer Replacement

Rachio Controller

Rachio Thrive Lawn Treatments

Thrive’s Lawn Champion treatment uses natural, kid-and-pet-safe ingredients like microalgae to feed plants and encourage the growth of healthy microbes to create a living soil environment that plants love. Thrive introduces natural nutrition to your landscape for greener grass and thicker roots for long-term lawn performance that gives grass what it needs (without polluting water resources).

Easily apply with expandable hose (included in your shipment).

The right amount for your entire lawn.

Works with the Rachio app to automatically tailor your watering to optimize treatment impact.

Feeds your grass with natural microalgae and nutrients that are safe for use around kids and pets.

Reduces soil compaction so plants can grow stronger, thicker roots for long term health.

Get Started in Minutes

Everything you need is delivered in one easy shipment. Simply unbox, setup your controller (if included in your plan), and follow your Thrive application plan for greener grass and stronger roots for long term health.


Step 1

Unbox Your Kit

Everything you need will be delivered straight to your door with easy-to-understand setup and application instructions.


Step 2

Setup Your Smart Controller

Setup your controller (if you don’t already have one), download the app, and easily automate your existing sprinklers.


Step 3

Apply Thrive Treatments

Easily apply natural, kid-and-pet-safe lawn treatments using our simple instructions and application tools. Watch your grass improve throughout the season as it becomes greener and more resilient.

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