Ready, set, water.

In a few quick steps, start watering with technology that meets your needs and achieves your landscape goals. Just install, personalize the app and press run!


Replace your controller, not your system.

Rachio smart sprinkler controllers are compatible with almost any irrigation system. Simply swap out your old controller and continue using your existing pipes and sprinkler heads.

  • Install in 30 minutes or less.
  • No special tools or expertise necessary.
  • No digging or plumbing required.
  • Customer Support available 7 days/week.
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Put the "smart" in smart watering.

After installation, connect the controller to your home Wi-Fi using the Rachio app to realize the full potential of our smart watering technology.

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Add leak detection and continuous flow monitoring. Enhance your Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller with the revolutionary Rachio Wireless Flow Meter!


Help Rachio help you.

Personalize your yard within the app, then let Rachio balance unique yard details with evolving local weather data to determine exactly how much water your yard needs. Monitor it all from your smartphone.

Customized zones

Personalized schedules

Hyperlocal weather monitoring

Advanced smartphone control

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Take matters into your own hands.

Control and monitor every aspect of your outdoor water use with the most intuitive app experience in the category.

Check the dashboard for schedule updates, receive real-time notifications or start, stop and pause watering - all from your smartphone.

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Go beyond smartphone control with leading integrations.

Rachio works with brands you know and love to provide even more watering control. Manage your sprinklers with voice commands or using your favorite smart home platforms.

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Start watering smarter today.

Don’t waste another minute - or gallon! Use our comparison chart to select the smart sprinkler controller that fits your needs and lifestyle.

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