Upgrade to smart watering.
Rebates available!

The Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller makes it easy to get the yard you want this summer - without wasting water.

Made in Colorado

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"If Apple designed an irrigation controller."

- Dana P. A Rachio 3 owner.

Take the guesswork out of watering.

Easily replace any existing sprinkler controller, then add a few simple details about your landscape to set up personalized schedules that provide exactly the water your yard needs.

Personalized watering schedules
Personalized watering schedules
Personalized watering schedules

Customize zones and schedules to provide exactly the water your yard needs.

Smartphone sprinkler control
Smartphone sprinkler control

Start, stop and pause watering on your smartphone using the intuitive app.

Premium Weather Intelligence™ Plus
Premium Weather Intelligence™ Plus

Hyperlocal weather monitoring automatically adjusts schedules for changing conditions.

Save on Rachio 3 with area rebates.

Colorado residents are eligible to get top-rated Rachio smart watering technology for less.

Take advantage of available rebates from local water providers - starting at $75, up to the full price of a Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller(a $279 value)!

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"I liked my Rachio so much, I bought another for my daughter. Recommended to a friend and they bought one, too. Even though my previous controller worked well, I disliked having to go to garage to turn on/off for weather."

- Leslie

Generation 2 owner

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"I have had weather based irrigation controllers that claimed to be controlled by local weather information provided wirelessly from local stations. Unfortunately they never worked and I resorted to just turning off the functionality due to over watering. The Rachio controller is a weather based system that finally works!"

- Tom J.

Rachio 3 owner

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"Rachio is a quality product. I've never had an issue with it once installed and the water savings it's helped achieve have definitely offset its cost over time. Out of the many home automation products I use, Rachio has consistently ranked at the top of the list in delivering on it's promises without hassles."

- Doug L.

Rachio 3 owner

Upgrade to the Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller.

Get the yard you want this summer - without wasting water. Rachio smart sprinkler controllers make it easy to grow a beautiful lawn. Ditch your dated sprinkler controller and upgrade to the latest smart watering technology today.




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Rebates available

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