Your yard and goals, connected.

The Rachio app is your personal watering assistant, dedicated to making the most of every drop of water with personalized schedules, premium weather monitoring and unbeatable control.

Customized Zones

End one-size-fits-all watering.

Your yard is unlike any other. Customize a few simple details about your unique landscape during guided setup, then let Rachio calculate precisely how much water each zone needs to thrive.

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Zone details

Personalized Schedules

Select a schedule that fits your lifestyle.

Rachio balances customized zone details with your personal preferences to recommend the optimal watering days and durations for a happy, healthy yard - without overwatering.

Guided setup helps you easily work around watering restrictions, end schedules before sunrise or begin after sunset, apply Weather Intelligence™ and more, for the most personalized watering experience available.

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Reliable Weather Monitoring

Best-in-class Weather Intelligence™.

Avoid watering in the rain, wind or snow. Our proprietary Weather Intelligence™ uses continuously updated weather data to automatically adjust your watering schedule based on the latest local forecasts.

Comprehensive monitoring references more than a quarter million data points to provide hyperlocal, automatic schedule adjustments that keep you three steps ahead of the weather.

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Reliable Weather Monitoring

EXCLUSIVE Weather Intelligence™ Plus.

Get everything you love about Weather Intelligence™, plus the world’s most reliable weather monitoring, with Rachio 3-exclusive Weather Intelligence™ Plus.

Comprehensive monitoring references more than a quarter million data points to provide hyperlocal, automatic schedule adjustments that keep you three steps ahead of the weather.

Reliable Weather Monitoring

With automatic weather skips, Rachio watches the skies so you don’t have to - no sensors required.

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Rain Skip.

Adjusts watering based on observed and predicted precipitation, to make the most of free water!

Freeze skip icon
Freeze Skip.

Avoids plant and sprinkler damage by adjusting watering based on freezing temperatures.

Wind skip icon
Wind Skip.

RACHIO EXCLUSIVE! Adjusts watering to prevent waste when wind speeds are too high.

Saturation skip icon
Saturation Skip.

Knows if your yard has enough moisture to last until your next scheduled watering time.

Seasonal shift icon
Seasonal Shift.

Adjusts watering for changing seasons based on historical weather data.


Category-leading control, at your fingertips.

Access the intuitive app - anytime, anywhere - for the most robust smart sprinkler control in the industry. Only Rachio technology offers control this precise.

  • RACHIO EXCLUSIVE! One-touch run, pause and skip zones.
  • Test zones without running to the controller.
  • Set up a Custom Run zone queue.
  • Review run history and next scheduled runs at a glance.
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Know where your water goes.

Review usage data, monitor watering, receive alerts and notifications - even stop leaks - with the only technology that provides a complete picture of your outdoor water use.

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Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controllers Generation 2 and 3


View forecasted weather, scheduled runs, actual and predicted water usage with the streamlined dashboard.

Rachio Wireless Flow Meter


Stop leaks, identify low flow issues and measure flow rates with continuous flow monitoring.


Flow monitoring that never sleeps.

Avoid water waste and damage. With Rachio Wireless Flow Meter installation, the Rachio app quickly alerts you to leaks, clogs or bad zone valves, protecting your property from catastrophic damage.

Rachio Wireless Flow Meter installed outside with notification

Start watering smarter today.

Don’t waste another minute - or gallon! Use our comparison chart to select the smart sprinkler controller that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controllers Generation 2 and 3

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