Rachio now works with Alarm.com

Connect Rachio with your Alarm.com account to control watering directly from the Alarm.com app.

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Connect your sprinkler system to the security partner trusted by more than 2 million users. With Rachio and Alarm.com integration, extend the control, security, and reliability of the Alarm.com system beyond the home. Let Alarm.com take care of your house - and let Rachio take care of your yard.

View sprinkler status and control your watering schedule with the Alarm.com app by connecting Rachio to Alarm.com.

Status options:

  • Rain delay history
  • Watering history
  • Current water status

Control options:

  • Set a rain delay
  • Turn on specific zone for X minutes
  • Run a schedule
  • Put the controller in standby mode
  • Stop current watering

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